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A country in which all girls and women have access to equitable quality education that enables them to effectively participate in development at all levels.


To promote gender equity and equality in Education in Uganda by influencing policies and nurturing positive practices and attitudes towards girls’ education. 


  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Results Oriented
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Forberg Scholarship Programme


During the period January-December 2012, a number of activities continued to be implemented under the Forberg scholarship project. This annual performance report which provides progress on activities implemented during the year2012, outcomes achieved as well as challenges in the implementation of the project.

The Forberg Scholarship Project:                                                                                                      

In the year 2010, FAWEU entered into partnership with the Social Initiative to implement a three year scholarship project with funding from a philanthropist called Forberg. The scholarship project was started to to compliment the already existing efforts of Government and other partners in education to increase access to secondary education for girls and boys from rural poor households.address the The implementation of the scholarship also supplements government efforts in the achievement of the international commitments like the Millennium Development Goal (MDG2 – universalizing primary access and completion) and three (MDG3 – eliminating gender disparities in primary and secondary schools)

The Social Initiative was started to support bright girls and boys from poor families to attend secondary education for a period of three years. The project has been implemented with three components which include; scholarship, mentoring, and community involvement which are complementary in ensuring the success of the project.

Objectives of the project

  1. i.Increase the chances of vulnerable girls and boys to attain secondary school education
  2. ii.Inspire girls and boys to stay in school and aspire for professional careers
  3. iii.Advocate to stakeholders especially at community level for increased investment in girls’ education.

Project Scope

The project supported a total of 71 (52 girls and 19 boys) bright girls and boys from poor families to attend secondary education for a period of three years 2010-2012). These beneficiaries were drawn from Northern and Eastern Uganda, which are the poorest and most hard hit areas in the country in terms of conflict and environmental hazards. The scholarship package included; tuition fees, examination and registration fees for candidates, boarding fees, scholastic materials and other key basic requirements. The beneficiaries were placed in specific project schools at the time of scholarship award.

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Areas of Focus

- Tertiary and Higher Education Scholarships

- Secondary Education Scholarships

- Child Protection

- Science and Innovation

- Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

- Combating Gender Based Violence

- Skills Development and Livelihoods

- Economic Empowerment for Vulnerable Groups

- Research and Advocacy

- Service delivery for teenage and child mothers

- Mentorship and Gender Responsive Pedagogy

- Capacity Building for cross section of stakeholders and strengthening Structures

Strategic Objectives

- Improving the level of gender responsiveness in Education Sector policies for girls and women

- Enhancing adoption and integration of positive gender pedagogy practices at school level

- Increasing access, retention and completion rates for girls in school and all levels of education

- Strengthening institutional capacity for efficient and effective service delivery.