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Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

Contribute to the realization of women and girls’ rights in Uganda, particularly increasing access, retention and performance in school, improving sexual and reproductive health, and reducing Gender Based Violence among adolescent girls. It’s implemented in partnership with Plan international and Uganda Women Parliamentarians Association (UWOPA).

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The Girl Rights Club Members under the CEDAW Project handing over a petition on ending all forms of Sexual Violence against children, girls and women to the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni and the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga. Looking on is Hon. Nakiwala Kiyingi, the Minister of State for Children and Youth Affairs.


In the weeks of 27th February to 7th March 2018, Adolescent Girls Representing CEDAW Girls Rights Clubs in the 10 sub counties from the three Districts of Kamuli Buyende and Tororo petitioned local duty bearers at sub county levels on key critical issues affecting girls’ equal access to education and other services limiting their wellbeing, These including Gender based violence, Child marriage, Defilement cases and child labor. This engagement followed Girl Rights Club interface meetings that were held between November and December 2017 at community levels were the above rights gaps were identified by community members, According to Jackie Nafuna Program officer CEDAW project each sub county came up with 3-4 gaps for action planning ,drew an action plan detailing the key rights gaps, activities to be conducted, key stakeholders to target for structural/system adjustments, attitude change, policy formulation and budget allocation (where possible) to promote gender equality and equity.

A GRC member                            The officer


(Left) A GRC member from Brain trust SS making her presentation in the just concluded interface meetings. (Right) The officer in charge from Wankole  Subcounty police station presenting during the interface meetings in Wankole  Kamuli District.

Key targeted duty bearers identified were the Senior Assistant Secretary, Community Development Officer, Police Officer and the LCIII Chairperson. Other relevant duty bearers were: head teachers of the 08 project schools per Sub County, parish chiefs (at least 04), area councilors (02) and two religious leaders (1 for Christians and 1 for Muslims).




In Wankole sub county Kamuli district the sub county Mr George Wankona the LC 111 chairperson together with district councilors passed a resolution to kick start the process of passing a bye-law regulating operations of sugar cane growers. It was highlighted by girls that sugarcane growing were a big challenge to families generally, Growers were sexually abusing and harassing girls, on their way to school and back home given the long distances between their homes and schools, it was also earmarked that out growers were employing young children hence causing children to drop out of school which led to hunger in homes in preference for sugarcanes not food crops.


In Tororo Hon Paul Olanya, LC III Chairperson Osukuru Sub County speaking at the interface meeting held at the Sub County committed himself to engage council in legislation and policy development to address girl specific issues for example teenage pregnancies, child labor, denial of education and early/forced marriages. “I will make sure to engage all sectors of the Sub County including education, security, production, health to reconcile their working towards addressing the issues that affect the girls” said Olanya.

Interface meetings: Interface meetings are meetings held between representatives of Girls Rights Club members and duty bearers in different sectors which are charged with the responsibility of providing services that promote the rights of girls.


Abuse Case Statistics

Summary of Top cases

Gender based violence

568 cases

Child marriages

5714 cases

Defilement cases

152 cases

Child Labor

34 cases

Source: Tororo Central Police Station Data 27/11/2017: Child and family protection Unit

The statistics on teenage pregnancies tororo district 2016/17

Age Total pregnancies

Total adolescent 10-19

10 – 19


Source:Tororo District Health Office 28/11/2017 District Health Statistics 2016/17

Sampled Sub Counties with the Highest Rate in Adolescent Pregnancies

Sub county

Age group

No of teenage pregnancies

Total adolescents 10-19













Source: Tororo District Health Office 28/11/2017 District Health Statistics 2016/17


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Project implemented in partnership with:

Areas of Focus

- Tertiary and Higher Education Scholarships

- Secondary Education Scholarships

- Child Protection

- Science and Innovation

- Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

- Combating Gender Based Violence

- Skills Development and Livelihoods

- Economic Empowerment for Vulnerable Groups

- Research and Advocacy

- Service delivery for teenage and child mothers

- Mentorship and Gender Responsive Pedagogy

- Capacity Building for cross section of stakeholders and strengthening Structures

Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA)

Strategic Objectives

- Improving the level of gender responsiveness in Education Sector policies for girls and women

- Enhancing adoption and integration of positive gender pedagogy practices at school level

- Increasing access, retention and completion rates for girls in school and all levels of education

- Strengthening institutional capacity for efficient and effective service delivery.