Forum for African Women Educationalists - Uganda Chapter

"21 Years of Enhancing Girls' and Women's Education for Development" FAWE Uganda 1997-2018


To access FAWEU Reports, Membership registration is a pre-requisite. This is one of the ways in which FAWEU raises money to support its Higher Education Program and the Girls Education Movement, Please support FAWEU through annual membership subscription.

 FAWEU is a membership organization who has over 428 members (from the 36 individuals at the inauguration) including full (women committed to the cause and organizations with similar mission) and associate (men) members. The members are people who are passionate about girls’ education; these cut across the professional board and are from all over the country and even beyond.  Some examples of categories represented include;  teachers, lecturers at universities, women advocates for girls’ education,  Members of Parliament, business people, social and development workers, media practitioners and other professions. There is also a special category of community membership to attract community based women and men who are committed to promoting girls’ and women’s education. Organization members include; Plan International, Save the Children Fund, Hope Case Foundation (all of which target disadvantaged children), St Eliza   Pre-nursing school focuses on school dropouts to prepare them for nursing college and National Union of Women with Disabilities.

To Become a member is very easy, simplly download the forms below, fill them out and bring them to FAWEU offices in Bukoto, Kampala, Uganda

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