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"22 Years of Enhancing Girls' and Women's Education for Development" FAWE Uganda 1997-2019

Who are we

“22 Years of Enhancing Girls’ and Women’s’ Education for Development” FAWE Uganda 1997 - 2019

FAWEU is a pan-African Non Governmental Organization which was launched in 1997.  This year 2016, FAWEU has marked 19 years of existence and since her inception; FAWEU has scored some remarkable achievements.  The incumbent Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni, is the Patron of FAWE Uganda.  

The current Chairperson of FAWEU is Mrs. Atim Margaret W. Mugeni, deputised by Ms. Christine Kyeyune Kawooya,  General Secretary is Ms. Philo Nyadoi , Treasurer is Ms. Cherotich Annet Batya, Ms. Irene  Kiiza the Publicity Secretary for FAWEU.

The Committee also has four regional representatives; Northern – Mrs. Seraphine Awacango, Central – Mrs. Maria Lukwago, Western – Mrs. Obbo Jovent, and Eastern – Ms. Linus Nasimiyu. Ms. Kabahweza Lillian is representative of organizations while Ms. Maureen Tweyongyere, represents individuals. Ms. Waya Mugeni Rosemary represents Ministry of Education, and Sports while Ms. Debbie Iyute is a representative of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).  The Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development is represented by Ms. Ida Kigonya while the Former Alumni Beneficiaries' Association is represented by Ms. Florence Kyalimpa.

FAWEU Mission / GOAL

FAWE Uganda’s goal is “to accelerate female participation in education, and aiming at closing the gender gap within the education system at all levels.”  FAWE Uganda spearheads girls’ education and empowerment by contributing to the EFA Goals, in particular to gender parity and equity in education.

FAWEU pursues her mission by:

  • Influencing policy formulation, adoption and implementation in promotion of girls’ education.
  • Advocating for increased investment in girls and women’s education and reducing the gender gap in education by mainstreaming gender at all levels.
  • Empowering girls to achieve through education.
  • Demonstrating models of best practices for replication.
  • Building FAWEU capacity to manage her program of work.
  • Institutionalizing monitoring and evaluation for improved programming

Key Objectives of FAWEU

(a) Gender equity is in-built in all educational policies, in particular, and all programs of national development in general; where gender imbalances persist in education, positive and specific short term affirmative action is taken to redress them.

(b) There is continuous and rigorous debate on, and review of, all social policies that impinge on how education policy is developed and implemented.

Gender specific interventions / activities

From policy innovations, capital campaigns for Education For All (EFA), to practical interventions for girls in areas of conflict and war, FAWE has made its mark in Africa. A few initiatives below highlight FAWE’s passion, commitment and privilege to carry the torch of girls and women’s education in Africa:  

  1. FAWEU Center of Excellence school where intervention packages make them girl friendly;
  2. Female Education in Mathematics and Science in Africa (FEMSA) Project;
  3. Scholarships for the needy but bright girls
  4. FAWEU Advocacy and Empowerment programmes
  5. Quality Educator’s project
  6. Girls Education Week (GEW)
  7. Mentoring Programme
  8. Women of Distinction and Models of Excellence Initiative
  9. Sarah Ntiro Week
  10. Science Mathematics and Technical Education (SMT)
  11. The Gender Equity Program
  12. Sexual Maturation Management 

FAWEU Material / Publications

-          Annual Reports; Contains programme activities conducted throughout the financial year.

-          News letters; publishes FAWEU news in general

-          Posters for the different programmes

-          Stickers; with informative messages

-          Quality Educators project materials: Mother Tongue, Life Skills curriculum etc  

To develop an integrated and participatory model with sustainability as a guiding factor, FAWEU has working committees composed of its members who offer voluntary services for the good of the girl child education. The committees include;

  • Programs committee
  • Research Committee
  • Finance and Administration committee
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Committee.
  • Scholarship committee
  • Publicity Committee
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Committee


1.African Development Bank

2.Irish Aid

3.Oxfam Novib


5.Kenny Foundation



8.Packard Foundation


10.Book Aid International

11.FAWE Regional Secretariat

12.Individual sponsors;

FAWEU Board 2019 - 2021

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Irene Kiiza Onyango
Irene Kiiza Onyango - Board Member  Read more
Deborah Basekanakyo
Deborah Basekanakyo  Read more
Philo Nyadoi - Board Member
Philo Nyadoi - Board Member  Read more
Atim Margaret W. Mugeni - Board Chairperson
Atim Margaret W. Mugeni - Board Chairperson  Read more
Dr. Christine Oryema
Dr. Christine Oryema - Vice Chairperson  Read more
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Areas of Focus

- Tertiary and Higher Education Scholarships

- Secondary Education Scholarships

- Child Protection

- Science and Innovation

- Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

- Combating Gender Based Violence

- Skills Development and Livelihoods

- Economic Empowerment for Vulnerable Groups

- Research and Advocacy

- Service delivery for teenage and child mothers

- Mentorship and Gender Responsive Pedagogy

- Capacity Building for cross section of stakeholders and strengthening Structures

Strategic Objectives

- Improving the level of gender responsiveness in Education Sector policies for girls and women

- Enhancing adoption and integration of positive gender pedagogy practices at school level

- Increasing access, retention and completion rates for girls in school and all levels of education

- Strengthening institutional capacity for efficient and effective service delivery.