Forum for African Women Educationalists - Uganda Chapter

"22 Years of Enhancing Girls' and Women's Education for Development" FAWE Uganda 1997-2019


Her Beginnings …

FAWE is a pan-African Non Governmental Organization formed in 1993 and registered in Nairobi, Kenya. FAWE is the fruit of five visionary and distinguished African Women Ministers of Education who resolved to walk the talk about the appalling state of girls’ education in Africa. They are Dr. Fay Chung of Zimbabwe, Vida Yeboah of Ghana, Paullete Moussavo-Missambo of Gabon, Simone de Comarmond-Testa of Seychelles and Alice Tiendrebeugo of Burkina Faso. They are the Founding Mothers or the dream team of FAWE.

Her Mission…

In recognition of the crucial role that women play in development, FAWE’s mission is to ensure that girls and women are an integral part of the intellectual and technical resource base needed for the survival and prosperity of Africa. Thus FAWE strives to ensure that: (a) Gender equity is in built in all educational policies, in particular, and all programs of national development in general; where gender imbalances persist in education, positive and specific short term affirmative action is taken to redress them, and (b) there is continuous and rigorous debate on, and review of, all social policies that impinge on how education policy is developed and implemented.

Her Membership…

At Africa (regional) level, FAWE’s full members are African Women Ministers and Permanent Secretaries of Education, Vice Chancellors of Universities and top women decision-makers. Associate members are male Ministers of Education and other top policy makers who promote education of girls and women. Though it appears to be an elite organization, FAWE’s impact is most visible at the grassroots through its national chapters in 36 African Countries including FAWE Uganda.

Several FAWE members are global luminaries in leadership, education and development. For example, Dr. Fay Chung, the Founding Chairperson, went on to become Chief of Education Cluster at UNESCO.\

Graca Machel —Africa’s “Fist Lady”-- Mozambique’s’ Minister of Education (1975-89) is a renown freedom fighter, UN Expert on Children in Conflict by appointment of the UN Secretary General. And now as Mrs Nelson Mandela, a global advocate for Children under the auspices of the Global Education Movement (GEM). Dr. Mamphela Aletta Ramphele, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and former FAWE Executive Committee member, is now the World Bank’s Managing Director for Human Resource Development.

Other luminaries have continued to exercise exceptional leadership in their home countries, Africa and the world. For example, Professor Grace Allele Williams of Nigeria received her PhD in Mathematics Education from the University of Chicago in 1963 and became the first woman Vice Chancellor in Nigeria. She has published substantial amount of material on Women in Science as well as University Administration in Africa. She won the Queen Emma Award in 1993 and was cited for “unparalleled pace setting achievements in education and excelling in the face of immense odds, thus opening new vistas for Nigerian women”.

Another one is Professor Lydia Phindile Makhubu who received her PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Alberta, Canada. She is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Swaziland and involved in several activities related to the teaching and application of science and technology to development in Africa.

Her Programs …

From policy innovations, capital campaigns to practical interventions for girls in areas of conflict and war, FAWE has made its mark in Africa. A few initiatives below highlight FAWE’s passion, commitment and privilege to carry the torch of girls and women’s education in Africa: FAWE Centers of Excellence—schools where intervention packages make them girl friendly; Female Education in Mathematics and Science in Africa (FEMSA) Project; FAWE Award for Media Excellence (FAME); Agathe Uwilingiyimana Prize and the Girls’ Education Movement (GEM). These have become landmarks dotted all over Africa.

FAWEU Board 2019 - 2021

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Atim Margaret W. Mugeni - Board Chairperson
Atim Margaret W. Mugeni - Board Chairperson  Read more
Dr. Christine Oryema
Dr. Christine Oryema - Vice Chairperson  Read more
Irene Kiiza Onyango
Irene Kiiza Onyango - Board Member  Read more
Philo Nyadoi - Board Member
Philo Nyadoi - Board Member  Read more
Deborah Basekanakyo
Deborah Basekanakyo  Read more
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Areas of Focus

- Tertiary and Higher Education Scholarships

- Secondary Education Scholarships

- Child Protection

- Science and Innovation

- Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

- Combating Gender Based Violence

- Skills Development and Livelihoods

- Economic Empowerment for Vulnerable Groups

- Research and Advocacy

- Service delivery for teenage and child mothers

- Mentorship and Gender Responsive Pedagogy

- Capacity Building for cross section of stakeholders and strengthening Structures

Strategic Objectives

- Improving the level of gender responsiveness in Education Sector policies for girls and women

- Enhancing adoption and integration of positive gender pedagogy practices at school level

- Increasing access, retention and completion rates for girls in school and all levels of education

- Strengthening institutional capacity for efficient and effective service delivery.