Forum for African Women Educationalists - Uganda Chapter

"21 Years of Enhancing Girls' and Women's Education for Development" FAWE Uganda 1997-2018


On 10th March 2017, Forum for African Women Educationalists Uganda Chapter (FAWEU) organized a corporate governance workshop for its Board of Directors and Senior Managers at Kabira Country Club Kampala.

The workshop aimed at building the capacity of stakeholders in strategic leadership and corporate governance in the areas related to the growth cycle of the organization.

In her opening remarks, the FAWEU Executive Director Ms. Christine Semambo Sempebwa said that, “As an Organization we are interested in organizational development and growth and so are our partners. To achieve this, we need to continue reflecting, learning and focusing on the change affects the organization is creating and positioning itself strategically.”

Ms. Christine Kyeyune Kawooya, the Vice Chairperson of the FAWEU Board of Directors noted that, “Strategic leadership is what makes or breaks an organization and this training is aimed at strengthening FAWEU’s governance and align it to the changing and dynamic environment we currently operate in.”

Facilitators from the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda (ICGU) made key presentations at the event including;  key governance areas such as;  sustainability of the organization, role of the Board, Board effectiveness, policy formulation,  communication and stakeholder management, role of the board in resource mobilization, legal issues and membership growth.

Mr. Leo Kibirango from ICGU commented that, “Board effectiveness is about accomplishing tasks regardless of certain constraints such as budget, inflation, and interest rate changes. For the Board to be effective, members should be aware of their roles, provisions of dynamic governance, performance management and adequate oversight in conformity to laws, policies, best practice and industry standards.”

The members appreciated the two day workshop, as being highly successful with the Board of Directors and Management taking on key action points focused at strengthening the organization.


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